Innovative Product Award Winner


“BuMA”: a Drug Eluting Stent designed for total patient safety and reduced cost for healthcare
Innovative Product

The BuMA™ Drug Eluting Stent (DES) co-developed by Sino Medical Sciences Technology and AlchiMedics is the latest generation of vascular implants enabling the safe re-opening of blocked coronary arteries ininterventional cardiology (see video at:

The BuMA™ stent combines a state-of-the-art metallic stent platform created by Sino Medical Sciences Technology and a drug-releasing coating developed by AlchiMedics, based on the technology of electrografting invented by Dr Christophe Bureau (CEO of AlchiMedics) at the Center for Atomic Energy (CEA).

The BuMA™ stent obtained SFDA approval in 2010, and the product was launched in China in 2011 (see video at : As of today, more than 110.000 patients are implanted with the BuMA™ stent across China. First-in-Man implantation of the BuMA™ in Europe stent will take place in December, 2014.

Thanks to the combination of an unprecedented stent design and the first-of-a-kind performances of its drug release layer, the BuMA™ stent is considered by Chinese cardiologists as the safest coronary stent presently available on the market, both in terms of success rate of implantation and in terms of long term acceptance and safety for the patient.

It is the first coronary stent ever to solve the long standing problem of “late thrombosis”, bypassing the need for patients to take heavy anti-coagulant treatments over long periods: it eliminates a long list of potential risks for the patient linked to blood coagulation, reduces the need for re-intervention after implantation, and thus dramatically reduces the overall cost-of ownership for the healthcare payers.


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